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3 Reasons to Find a Document Management Solution that Integrates Seamlessly with Your Agency’s EMR

Implementing new software is a challenge that agencies routinely face. While it is important to ensure that your agency is outfitted with the best and most appropriate software, one key aspect to consider is how seamlessly the document management software integrates with your EMR. Creating a cohesive overall solution for your organization helps to improve efficiency and workflow so this is a critical step for you to consider when streamlining your operations to create the most optimal work environment for caregivers. 


Improves Staff Retention


Staff have so much to do caring for patients during any given day that the last thing they want to have to do is constantly fiddle with different software programs or enter the same information in multiple places because software is not in sync. Imagine trying to fumble between systems to find all the information that you need on a patient as you’re trying to deliver care. Agencies can facilitate a much better experience for their staff by ensuring that the document and data management solution that they use integrates seamlessly with EMR software. This will help keep patient data streamlined and centralized. 


Ensures HIPAA Compliance and Improves Data Accuracy 


Software that integrates together helps ensure HIPAA compliance and improves data accuracy. With each reduced keystroke required to complete basic tasks, the overall accuracy and integrity of the data is increased. A seamless integration means that data and document sharing is as accurate and flexible as possible, providing the best experience for both caregivers and patients alike. Utilizing HIPPA-compliant software was cumbersome and inefficient in the past, due to disconnected systems required to complete various tasks within the organization. However, the addition of new software technologies with complete interoperability has enabled caregivers to access all the information they need at any moment from anywhere. 


Interoperability and Streamlined Communication


Fostering good communication sets the best agencies apart from their competitors, and much of our communication is now done online. This means that it’s more important than ever to eliminate silos or barriers that cause communication lapses and incomplete data transmission. With each new software installation, seamless integration should be a top tier consideration, as it enables caregivers to communicate more effectively with all patient data.