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3 Tips to Seamlessly Execute the Launch of New Integrated Technology in Your Home Health or Hospice Agency

When you decide to purchase new technology for your home health or hospice agency, you may be wondering about the process of implementation. Will it be time consuming and costly to get it off the ground? What can you do to support a smooth transition? Below, we will go over 3 tips to help your agency seamlessly launch new integrated technology and why each of these tips will create an even better experience and work environment for your staff. 


#1. Select Technology with Full Integration Capabilities 


Any existing technology that you have may still be usable if the new integrated technology has integration capabilities. For example, if you have an existing EMR system but you found a document and data management system like Worldview to add functionality to your existing system, you would want to ensure that these technologies can seamlessly integrate and work together. This will make it so much easier as you launch the new technology as you will be able to build off of what you already have rather than start from scratch learning an entirely new system. 


#2. Take the Time to Implement Proper Training 


Regardless of the type of software you are bringing into your home health or hospice agency, you should take the time to implement proper training of your staff on that software. Technology is so useful for home health and hospice agencies, but if you don’t train them on how to use it properly, they will not be able to benefit from the technology in the way you had hoped. There may even be interesting features that you uncover during the training that you didn’t even know existed. Many companies offer hands-on training to get you set up and even customization on request so make sure to see what’s available for your agency when you launch a new technology. 


#3. Get Feedback from Your Team to See if There are Ways the Software can Better Serve Your Agency 


Once you have launched the technology, give it a week or a month to see how it works for your team members. Are they able to utilize all the features? Are they confused by certain aspects? Is additional training needed? Do they feel they are fully equipped to utilize the technology as required? Check in with your team just to see how they are working with the new technology and to discover whether there are any other ways that you can improve their experience. 

With these tips, you can more seamlessly integrate new technology into your home health or hospice agency. Schedule a demo of Worldview today to see how our technology can improve efficiency and reduce costs.