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3 Tools to Help Improve Outcomes for Patients in Home Healthcare Environments

Home healthcare encompasses a variety of extremely diverse tasks performed outside of a traditional medical facility. Treating patients in their home promotes a unique set of challenges for healthcare providers and the organizations providing care. By utilizing the following tools, healthcare professionals and clinicians can improve patient outcomes by providing a better overall experience and a more robust treatment and care plan. 


Secure, Compliant Remote Data Access 


Integral to providing proper patient care in a home healthcare setting is enabling clinicians access to comprehensive data on the go. Secure, HIPAA-compliant data access must be offered remotely to all clinicians involved in patient care in a home health setting. Cloud-based solutions enable providers to access a complete chart for the patient that integrates data from all applicable sources, and EMR that focuses on providing multi-layered interoperability enables physicians to see a full patient chart that incorporates data from all physicians and clinicians that are working on a patient’s care and treatment. 


With an improved and integrated data management and document storing system, providers can spend more time with their patients on what really matters. 


Streamlined Communication and Interoperability with Document Management 


Patient care teams need access to all relevant data, documentation, and information on a patient in order to provide the best solutions to any issues that they face. For this reason, interoperability between systems and interfaces is an integral part of a consistent and efficient data/document management system. Allowing physicians full, unfettered access to data on the fly that seamlessly can be shared with all people involved in a patient’s care plan helps to improve patient outcomes by avoiding costly duplication and minimizing data processing errors. 


A few key elements of a seamlessly managed document storage system include HIPAA-complaint wound pictures, electronic signatures, e-Forms, and physician order tracking. 


Reduced Time and Costs by Uploading E-Forms with MedAttach


Another tool that helps organizations provide the best patient care is MedAttach – a powerhouse solution for medical documents. All incoming documents are able to be managed more efficiently, whether they are captured on paper or electronically, with MedAttach. This tool enables you to capture and upload documents on the go in any setting to ensure that a patient’s condition is properly documented the whole way. 


Integrating new tools and technology into your organization will enable you to provide exemplary care to your patients while also improving staff retention with reduced keystrokes and better organization which reduces their overall daily workload.


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