Companies are constantly on the lookout for an edge above the competition. Often the focus for finding that edge is on external variables: garnering additional marketplace awareness, providing a better customer experience, raising service levels, etc. But, sometimes the more mundane, internal processes  get overlooked as we continue to focus on raising that bar. One department that often gets turned a blind eye is the Human Resources Department.

HR has always traditionally had very manual processes for receiving information, reviewing documentation, inputting data, and record keeping.  Keeping track of expense reports, routing applications and resumes, maintaining employee assessments and the like through traditional means isn’t the norm in today’s business landscape. Companies are getting smarter and applying technology in order to work that way. 

For companies of any size or at any stage of growth, cloud-based documentation within HR offers distinct advantages. We’ll go over three here.


Cloud-based HR streamlines a myriad of documentation needs, in addition to being flexible and accessible. HR departments that embrace cloud-based technology become, in a word, agile. Employees and candidates can upload documents into one central repository, managers can review cover letters and resumes faster from any location, and other documentation gets processed in a self-service environment, increasing speed and flow.


When HR workflows become automated, employees on both the sending and receiving ends have more time available to do the work they were hired for.  They are no longer tracking and playing the follow-up game to figure out where things are.  Going paperless, automating your manual processes, and storing your sensitive information in a secure environment with tracking and credentialed access does more than just create time savings and a central, trackable location for what used to be filing cabinets of paperwork. It decreases openings for human error and gives you peace of mind.  Letting technology play a hand in freeing up staff helps create a more strategic partner in your HR Department.

Innovation & Retention

In HR, you know all too well about how tough recruitment and engaging top talent can be. Along with autonomy, one of the most important job aspects to millennials (who make up the majority of recruitable talent in today’s job market), is being part of a company that is innovative and forward-thinking.  Companies who understand how to invest in programs, people, and process to become innovative and use advancing technologies continue to be more and more popular amongst jobseekers.  With rapid growth in cloud technology affecting more areas of the business, it’s only natural that a higher level of functionality the cloud offers has become the expected norm.

Even if you aren’t ready to do make an investment to move everything to a cloud solution, taking the time to assess what your HR Department could look like with a few tweaks could be well worth your time.  Finding a consultative partner like WorldView to help you through that is a great starting point towards building a strategic plan to get you to that next level.


Do you have plans to make more forms internet friendly? Our E-Forms Product Module at WorldView has the ability to streamline data collection to organization and management. It partners well with our Workflow Product Module.


Our E-Forms Product Module gives you the ability to complete and submit HTML forms directly into our document management system. These forms eliminate the need for piles of paperwork and forms, scanning, and importing. Old E-forms translated into information being sent securely to your email. You then had to enter into the appropriate databases. Today, we have the capability of eliminating the middle step.


When our customized E-forms are used in conjunction with our Workflow Product Module, the submission of an E-form can trigger the start of a workflow management automated business process. Free up time for your staff, while they can still access the E-Forms to update tasks and information at the right time.


Finally, we recognize the importance of an audit trail across the board. Using WorldView E-Froms creates a complete audit trail of the entire workflow process. From data collection to organization and management.

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cloud capture

Have you heard about everyone moving data to the cloud? Perhaps your team would benefit from users being able to index from anywhere. Plus, you can have unlimited page volume. It’s time to talk to us about Cloud Capture at WorldView.


Being able to index from anywhere means more flexibility with resources available. With WorldView’s Cloud Capture, you keep the comfort and look of Microsoft Office products. Furthermore, you do not need cumbersome software installs.


We provide Optical Character Recognition, Barcode Recognition, and a database connection. Thrive on business efficiencies and streamlining processes. While documents can be scanned from anywhere, the system auto rotates them for optimal filing. You will also enjoy the database integration and auto-import functionality.


Our cloud system is secure to keep your databases and secure information safe. We are well versed in HIPPA laws and policies, as well.

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If you have mounds of contract obligations and requirements, look no further for a 360-degree view. We can help eliminate the struggle with effective contract management. Let us equip your staff with the right tools.

Contract Management

From request to approval to expiration and renewal, we have you covered throughout the entire contract life-cycle. You can shorten cycle times for your organization, improve responsiveness, and drive business value. Simply use better contract processes.

Our team at WorldView has designed a Contract Management Solution to send automatic notifications of expirations and auto renewals. Plus, our workflow will route contracts for review, approval, and execution.

All contract-related information is connected in one central place for you. User security and activity tracking are great features, too. Overall, you can increase productivity while being more efficient. We understand your team wants to focus on other tasks without all the paperwork.

You can automatically distribute required policy and procedures to employees, organized by user groups. Additionally, employees can even submit HR forms electronically into our team at WorldView. We will process, review and approve these forms following a custom workflow.

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human resources

Improve compliance and create a better employee experience. We understand the importance of streamlining the Human Resources process and managing the entire employee life cycle. Handle all HR documentation in one place. Learn more about our HR Solutions at WorldView.

Human Resources

A streamlined process means saving time and precious resources for your organization. All HR documentation can be centralized in one place. Plus, you can focus on document security while increasing compliance across departments.

Through recruiting and selection, our solutions automatically route applications and resumes for internal review. Then, with employee onboarding we track the entire employee process and can monitor tasks across departments.

You can automatically distribute required policy and procedures to employees, organized by user groups. Additionally, employees can even submit HR forms electronically into our team at WorldView. We will process, review and approve these forms following a custom workflow.

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