Solutions Built For You

WorldView is constantly developing and implementing new solutions to help businesses streamline their processes. It is through this innovation that we are able to provide such a diverse menu of services.

Contract Management Solution

Contract Management

Many organizations struggle with effective management of various contract obligations and requirements. WorldView will equip your staff with a 360-degree view of all contract-related information.

Contract Life Cycle

The entire contract life-cycle is seamlessly managed from request to approval to expiration and renewal. This allows your organization to accelerate cycle times, improve responsiveness, and drive business value through better contract processes.

Our workflow will route contracts for review, approval, and execution. In addition to that, you will receive automatic notifications of expirations and auto-renewals.

WorldView’s Contract Management Solution provides transparency and visibility into the contract life cycle as well as the following:

• Consolidates and connects contract-related information in one central repository

• Minimizes risk and supports compliance with user security settings and activity tracking

• Enables improved control throughout the contract life cycle and improves service levels

• Streamlines contract processes, accelerates cycle time, and increases productivity


With WorldView’s solution, your contract review and management will be automated and streamlined to allow your team to focus on other tasks and items of importance.

HR Resource Solutions

human resources

Human Resources

Effectively managing the entire employee lifecycle is of critical importance. With WorldView’s Human Resource Solution, you’re able to streamline the entire HR process which allows for improved compliance and a better employee experience.

Central Location

Our HR solution serves as a central repository for ALL HR documentation. As a result, your organization will benefit from reduced paper expense as well as increased compliance across the entire organization. Streamlining your various company processes will ensure document security as well as save valuable time and resources.

HR Solutions

• Recruiting and Selection – automatically route applications and resumes for internal review

• Employee Onboarding – track the entire employee process and monitor tasks across departments

• Policies and Procedures – Required policy and procedure docs can be automatically distributed to employees based on user groups

• Forms Processing – Employees can submit HR forms electronically into WorldView for processing allowing for review and approval through utilization of a custom workflow

Save Time

With WorldView HR Solutions, your organization’s entire HR group will save both time and money with streamlined processes and automations.

Accounts Payable Solutions

Accounts Payable

It’s time to streamline your Accounts Payable processes and WorldView has the solution. Regardless of how documents are received, WorldView captures, organizes, and delivers them, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review and approval.


With our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) your documents will automatically be identified, separated, and data extracted for processing. Our solution will not only learn your invoice format for improved accuracy, but it will route invoices for approval and validate data through a workflow as well.

Seamless Integration

Third-party integrations and vendor portals allow outside users to have access to view documents and execute workflows.

WorldView Accounts Payable Solutions increase efficiency and accuracy when processing invoices for maximum transparency into the status of invoice processing.

Streamline A Full Range Of AP/AR Solutions

  • Invoice processing and approval
  • Purchase order handling
  • Billings & Collections
  • Expense Reporting
  • Vendor order acknowledgment
  • Customer service

Reduce entry errors and track document flow in real-time.

Fully Customizable

Cloud Caprture

cloud capture

Cloud Capture

With WorldView’s Cloud Capture, you get the comfort and look of Microsoft Office products. True Cloud allows users to index from anywhere providing more flexibility with resources.

Cloud Based

We eliminate the need for cumbersome software installs and allow easy indexing through our platform. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Barcode Recognition, and a database connection allow for business efficiencies and streamlining processes.


Features of our Cloud Capture include ClickOnce Deployment, Database Integration, Auto-Rotation of Documents, Auto-Import, and Scanning from any multi-function device on the network.

Flexibility Is Key

By utilizing WorldView’s Cloud Capture, users are easily able to index from anywhere and allowed unlimited page volume.



Are traditional paper-based processes slowing your organization down? WorldView Workflow is an electronic document and information routing solution.


Key applications for WorldView Workflow include:

AP Inventory and Expense Processing

Expense Report Processing

Human Resource

Accounts Receivable

Back Office

Time Reduction

With WorldView Workflow, you will optimize business processes by providing rules to efficiently route documents and data. This solution will reduce time and costs associated with manual steps or inactivity.




With WorldView’s E-Forms Product Module, you have the ability to complete and submit HTML forms directly into the WorldView document management system.

Electronic Creation

Since the forms are created electronically, E-Forms business process management software reduces the paper waste you commonly experience with traditional scanning and importing of paper-based forms.

Workflow Management

When used in conjunction with WorldView’s Workflow Product Module, the submission of an Electronic Form can trigger the start of a workflow management automated business process. As the workflow process evolves, your employees can access the E-Form to update their tasks.

The All-Important Audit Trail

Using WorldView E-Forms, a complete audit trail of the entire workflow management process is created.