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WorldView, DMSi’s premier document management partner, offers multiple streamlined integration points. Instantly view documents right from your existing Agility software with the click of a button. Import documents from Agility, automatically capture electronic documents created within Agility, and store detail for your AP/AR departments. Use technology to read and auto-populate information, so your team can focus less on the monotony and more on the strategic initiatives that keep your business going.

WorldView has a number of features available with DMSI. Here’s just a sampling of features that we offer with our solutions: POD, DocView, and Enterprise.


Import documents from within Agility by clicking on the DocDrop button and selecting the appropriate Document Type.


Instantly view documents from within Agility using the DocPop button on over 20 screens. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Quotes, General Ledger and other screens are available.

Auto Fill Keyword Sets (AFKS)

The database connection to automatically pull keyword information from within Agility and attribute to your documents.

Agility Invoice API

Automatically create vouchers in Agility straight from an AP Approval Workflow.

COLD Processing

Automatically capture and index electronic documents that are created in Agility. This tool instantly stores documentation for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Month End Report Documents.

Powerful features tailored to you.

See which of our nine features align with our three solutions.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Solution

This multi-tenant solution allows you to store all Proof of Delivery documents with functionality for users to DocPop the images from within Agility.

DocView Solution

Scan, store, and retrieve documents with this multi-tenant solution. Choose from a selection of document types and keywords offered in this solution.

Enterprise ECM Solution

The options are endless with our enterprise solution. You can store any document type with this tailored product. The Enterprise ECM Solution operates on a full suite of integrations and is customizable for your workflow with multiple automation functions.


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