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How E-Sign Helps Promote Physician Satisfaction and Improves Agency Efficiency

To maintain a competitive edge, home health and hospice agencies should focus on adding smart technology that can enhance the overall experience physicians/staff have and improve workflow. Within the healthcare industry, paper trails are incredibly commonplace, but new technologies are allowing practices to digitize those paper trails, making data more accessible and useful. E-sign is one such technology that can create a better and more productive workplace for home health and hospice agencies. Below, we will discuss some reasons to consider adopting E-Sign technology to promote physician satisfaction and improve agency efficiency. 


Ease of Use Promotes Physician Satisfaction 


Developing a seamless flow of data and information within your agency is critical to promote physician satisfaction. Physicians are able to access orders from anywhere at any time and also sign off on those orders in bulk, promoting enhanced workflow and minimizing bottlenecks that can be costly to the agency. 


Streamlines Order Turnaround 


In addition to benefiting physicians by creating a more seamless workflow, agencies benefit from E-Sign as well with reduced costs, time, and effort associated with order turnaround. By making the order turnaround process more efficient, agencies are able to improve their cash flow by billing for the care being provided in a more timely manner. 


Promotes Access to Secure Medical Data while Remaining HIPAA Compliant


Maintaining compliance with regulations is at the forefront of concerns for any agency, and E-Sign ensures document integrity while helping agencies to maintain compliance. Agencies that streamline the processes surrounding document management are able to more efficiently provide care to patients and eliminate time consuming bottlenecks to delivering care. 


Small adjustments to the way that your agency handles patient care can have a tremendous impact on physician satisfaction as well as the agency’s overall success, and E-Sign is a great tool to add to your agency’s technology arsenal as you build a better, more productive and profitable agency.