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Streamline communication across patient care teams

WorldView makes life easier for home health professionals. Improving the systems home healthcare professionals use lets them spend more time on what’s really important — caring for patients. That’s why WorldView minimizes data entry, lowering the risk of human error as documents are shared. Features like electronic signatures and HIPAA-compliant wound pictures make it easy to file paperwork on the go. Plus, with Physician Order Tracking, WorldView automatically updates and attaches orders to patient electronic medical records. Oh, and did we mention that all of those time-saving features are packed into one system? That’s the power of WorldView.


Our Solutions

Mobile Complete: A HIPAA-complaint tool that captures documentation electronically, captures electronic signatures, allows your team to securely message and manage wound care. All of this information can be instantly uploaded to your EMR with Mobile Complete.


Physician Order Tracking:  Let our technology manage fax sends, follow-ups all while updating your team with the status of outstanding and completed orders. OCR, workflow automation and barcoding are the core components that make up this robust tool.

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MedAttach: Sort and auto-attach documents securely into your patients’ Electronic Health Record while updating key data. WorldView works with EMRs to eliminate duplication of data entry and allows information to be accessed by other care team members in real-time.

Manage Referrals: Speed up referral processing, ensuring your agency’s ability to respond efficiently to new patient inquiries and manage a higher volume with technology-driven intake.  Get referrals in real-time when your marketers are in the field for full transparency.

Solutions that Go Where You Go

As a home health care professional, you need a solution that won’t tie you to a desk. WorldView is a HIPAA-compliant mobile solution that allows you to work on the go. Capture images and documents securely, or access a patient’s chart in just a few taps. Everything is fully encrypted and secure to keep those electronic medical records safe. A better mobile system means less human error, more security for patient information, and best of all? Less of those pesky fax machines!


Why WorldView for Home Health?

Where some softwares provide one or two services, WorldView provides them all. It’s an industry-leading, all-in-one document sharing solution. Automate existing processes and eliminate confusion with an all-encompassing software that simplifies home healthcare.


Key Benefits

Big ideas like improving efficiency are nice, but what about the nitty-gritty? Solutions matter when they help you out in the day to day work. Our key benefits don’t just improve your agency; they improve the care your workers provide every day.

Upload pictures and notes in real-time, with HIPAA-compliant wound autosizing and annotations.

Secure messaging simplifies remote work and lowers the risk of accidental HIPAA violations.

Capture physician signatures digitally with a mobile queue of paperwork, reducing billing delays.

Group and schedule faxes by physician, with automatic reminders and re-faxing for faster turnaround and reduced billing delays.

Ready to cut the red tape?

WorldView’s digital solutions make life easier for your staff, providing efficient, modern solutions for the surmounting administrative duties of a home health care agency. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on people with WorldView.