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Improve Healthcare Outcomes with a Customized EMR Integration Strategy

Operationally, it can be challenging to implement new technology into your company’s existing software infrastructure. While the industry is working toward more robust and powerful integration standards with a built-in interoperability framework, improved healthcare outcomes rely on organizations implementing EMRs that help to provide a seamless, intuitive system for providers and clinicians to access patient charts and data at the touch of a button from anywhere.


A customized EMR strategy is optimal for an organization seeking to provide exemplary care to their patients, reduce turnover among staff, and decrease unnecessary costs. Finding companies that are focused on an implementation process that is unique to the organization they are engaged with is the best way to find the optimal solution to data and document management. Below, find a few examples of tools and technologies that are improving healthcare outcomes and are available to your organization with a customized EMR integration strategy. 


More Complete Data Recording and Documentation with Automation


Automation provides a key way for companies to apply rules and logic that allow streamlined operations. Automation reduces keystrokes and improves efficiency as well as staff retention through improved satisfaction. It also prevents data duplication and reduces human data collecting errors. Relying on software that can automate common tedious tasks for clinicians gives the provider more time to focus on patient care and treatment. 


Physician Online Order Tracking 


Providing a simple way for physicians to complete their online orders is incredibly important for home health and hospice-based clinical organizations. Worldview automated the orders physicians send for their patients and maintains accurate and complete electronic records of everything that has been ordered for the patient so that it can be shared with all other staff and clinicians involved in a patient’s care. Orders are also automatically routed to billing, reducing tedious time wasted manually logging those orders. Physicians can also take advantage of E-sign to have orders that require a signature digitally delivered to them to improve efficiency.


Fully Compliant Remote Access 


For providers that are servicing patients in a home health care or hospice setting, complete access to data on the go is essential. Get the patient documentation that you need at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere with fully HIPAA-compliant remote mobile access. This allows you to manage documents as well as important patient charting gathered by your EMR through a free flowing data integration. 


Comprehensive Reporting, E-Sign, and E-Forms to Provide a More Optimal Experience


Other key tools that your organization can use when implementing a comprehensive EMR system include reporting that makes sense of the data that has been collected. This allows an agency to determine the importance of certain data points seamlessly at a glance, rather than spending time mining through endless numbers to make sense of the data. Being able to gather signatures electronically and fill out electronic forms is also incredibly useful to clinicians who are on the go caring for their patients. 


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