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Integrating Your EMR with a Secure Document and Data Management System to Optimize Your Agency’s Performance

Home health and hospice agencies who digitize their patient records see an increase in productivity and efficiency which ultimately results in better patient outcomes. Emerging technology now makes it possible to catalog so many aspects of a patient’s healthcare journey digitally so that it can be easily accessed anytime, from anywhere. This enables smooth transition of care and integrative communication between providers and caregivers, even enabling communication across organizations where necessary. 


Outfitting your home health or hospice agency with the tools that they need for success is paramount to fostering an environment that delivers the strongest workplace experience as well as the best patient outcomes. 


Simplifying and Streamlining Data Acquisition and Management 


In home health and hospice, it is imperative to simplify and streamline processes with technology to pave the way for smoother and more fluid communication and delivery of care. By integrating a secure document and data management solution such as Worldview with your existing EMR system, your agency will be able to manage data and documents from anywhere, as well as utilize critically important technologies such as OCR, barcoding, retrieval, and e-forms to optimize care delivery and coordination. 


Unlimited Access to Important Data and Documents 


With caregivers constantly on the move, it is important that they have access to all critical data regarding the patient’s chart at any time. Caregivers in a hospice setting and home health environment are constantly on the move, delivering care in a patient’s home or another private setting. Creating a simple and intuitive system for them to retrieve data that helps them provide a high level of care eliminates issues that could prevent optimal care from being administered by your agency. This feature also enables agencies to share data with other important providers in a patient’s health journey.  


Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs 


With a seamless integration between your agency’s EMR and a secure document and data management system like Worldview, you can facilitate an increase in efficiency and reduction in costs. A reduction in preventable data transmission errors can occur, allowing your caregivers to provide more accurate and flexible care to patients. It can be costly and time consuming to constantly be on the hunt for correct and accurate records, and a document management system can help you ensure that your agency is providing an optimal work environment for staff where everything that they need to complete their job in a timely fashion is right at their fingertips.

If you are in search of a data and document management system that can integrate with your current EMR, schedule a demo today to see what Worldview can do for your agency!