Fully Integrated Medical Record Solutions

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Automated Document Solutions for Streamlined Patient Care

We help businesses, like yours, maximize efficiency across the entire content enterprise. We have a seamless integration with KanTime to take those referrals and physician orders and automate them, without having to duplicate efforts. With WorldView, you can autofill patient data as you collect. Your team no longer has to waste time re-entering information for tracking or attachment purposes.


  • Increase cash flow by improving turnaround time on orders
  • Enforce consistent and transparent business practices, reducing process variance and risk.
  • Mitigate compliance liabilities by providing an audit trail of contact points.
  • Take your intake to the next level
  • Manage referrals through customized dashboards
  • Barcode and index with Optical Character Recognition
  • Automate the faxing process to keep orders top of mind
  • Route documents for approval with automated prompts
  • Give consolidated, real-time visibility into tracking

Our Solutions

Physician Order Tracking

Taking automation to the next level with this hands-off approach to a people-intensive process. Send and track outstanding physician orders, let WorldView’s system do the follow-ups for you and check-in and check-out physician orders that have been signed or still need signature. View progress in a user-friendly dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your orders processing.


Your medical records powerhouse. Using Optical Character Recognition, this solution leverages technology to do the heavy lifting. It reads documents, categorizes, and helps your team quickly assign to the proper patient records for review. Patient documentation just got a whole lot easier.

Mobile Complete

The value is in the name, your complete mobile solution. It’s a one-stop-shop that allows your team to upload and retrieve pertinent patient documentation from anywhere. With our document capture tool you’re able to auto-capture and upload right to the patient record. Send and receive HIPAA compliant messages via WorldView SMS. Document wound progress with our wounds management segment of the application. And, capture signatures electronically with our signature capture functionality.

Referral Management

WorldView Intake helps customers navigate the cumbersome intake process with ease. First, it provides customers with a simple way to organize and categorize the documentation required to process a referral. Second, it quickly identifies any outstanding documentation required to complete the referral packet. Lastly, it provides governance over the entire process


Dashboard views empower managers with the ability to monitor how many items are in process and analyze live trends and bottlenecks in the system.


Workflow enables users to manage outstanding documents based on rules set in the system. Documents can be re-sent or escalated internally to drive faster results.

Optical Character Recognition

With WorldView Optical Character Recognition, our technology can read text on documents so your employees can quickly and easily classify and validate critical information. Data can be extracted from handwriting and even mark recognition to locate signatures.

Ready to cut the red tape?

WorldView’s digital solutions make life easier for your staff, providing efficient, modern solutions to the difficulties of a home health care agency. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on people with WorldView.