One Application.  Complete Patient Care.

The Only Tool You’ll Need

The healthcare industry is ever-changing.  From constantly shifting governmental rules and regulations to internal agency changes in processes, the demand for your time can be overwhelming.  WorldView’s Mobile Complete was designed with the healthcare professional in mind.  We not only have created a solution that meets today’s demands, we have created a nimble solution with tomorrow’s needs in mind.

The ability to streamline your patient care is no longer just a luxury, it is now a necessity and an essential component to the success of your business.  WorldView has gathered feedback from many of the largest home health and hospice agencies in the country.  We have taken that feedback and created the most dynamic tool in the industry today.

When it comes to compliance, we have you covered.  All patient data is fully protected and HIPAA compliant, allowing you the versatility and peace of mind you demand out of a mobile solution.  By combining secure messaging, wound photo image capture with auto-measurement, physician signature capture and document capture with auto-enhancement, WorldView’s Mobile Complete allows you to take your patient care to the next level.

Mobile Complete has become an essential tool that healthcare professionals rely on to deliver rapid results, with precision.

Document Capture

Your time is spent with your patients.  Whether it is a home-based environment or a facility-based setting, you demand a solution that can go where you go.  Mobile Complete’s document capture allows you to capture the necessary documents for providing patient care in the field.

Speed Matters

Quickly scan documents with your mobile device and eliminate the challenge of finding time to hand-deliver documents.  Being able to deliver documents in real-time is a game changer that allows you and your organization to expedite order processing.

Auto Crop and Enhancement

No longer do you need perfect lighting conditions to snap a photo, with built in image enhancement you have the ability deliver quality images that can be easily viewed without discoloration or fading.  Document Capture also allows you to take a picture of the document, auto-recognize edges, and crop the image with the click of a button.

Capture Wound Photos With Auto Measurement

Having the ability to quickly and accurately document patient condition is critical in today’s home health environment.  Our wound capture feature allows the caregiver to not only capture a picture of the wound but automatically applies the wound measurements directly on the image.

User Controlled

Wound capture allows the user to adjust the area of the wound being measured.  Quickly tap and drag the image box to the appropriate area of the wound for measurement. The user is able to adjust the image being captured and also has the option to define the reference point being used as a source of measurement.  This flexibility allows agencies to customize the app experience to fit their organization.

Physician Signature Capture

We understand that each organization has various challenges they continually are faced with.  Mobile Complete’s Signature Capture allows your field staff or other representatives to capture physician signatures directly on their device and attach to the appropriate documentation.

Time Matters

Physicians do not want to have to wait for documents to be sorted and found.  We allow for physicians to quickly sign all relevant orders they have outstanding with your organization and continue with their patient care.  A security pin is set by the physician to ensure legitimacy of their signature and resets with each session.

Secure Messaging

We understand confidentiality is important, especially in healthcare.  WorldView’s Mobile Complete gives you peace of mind knowing that all communications between your staff and physicians are secure and fully HIPAA compliant.

Custom Conversation Threads

Are there multiple people you need to discuss a specific patient with at once?  Create a unique thread with participants that you choose and make managing your conversations easier and more manageable.

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