Our Vision

WorldView will leverage its extensive experience to be the leading provider of content management and automation services regardless of the industry. We’re fixated on our clients’ needs – becoming integral to them as we work together to achieve maximum efficiency.


Our Purpose

We exist for one reason: to help businesses achieve greater efficiency and productivity while maintaining the highest level of service. Our proven record of providing content management and automation solutions is evidence of our commitment and purpose.


Our Values

Innovation drives everything we do because we know it takes new ideas and “ah ha” insight to produce industry leading content management solutions.

Trust is at the heart and soul of our business relationship and accounts for why we have a long tenure with our customers.

Creativity spurs new approaches, solutions and services. Without it, we would never be prepared to meet changing industry needs with workable, viable content management solutions.

Customer service has made us who we are today. We are known for our high level of customer service, which is based on timely, honest and supportive responses.

  • Matthew Moore, President

    Matthew Moore, President

    With 10 years of experience in ECM, Business Process Improvement, Automation, and Leadership, Matthew was promoted to President in 2018. With his passions for innovation and customer service, Matthew has had the opportunity to work in all areas of WorldView. His focus on growth, performance, and acquiring great talent continues to strategically position WorldView.

  • Jared Robey, Senior Vice President of Sales

    Jared Robey, Senior Vice President of Sales

    As Vice President of Healthcare at WorldView, Jared Robey is responsible for leading partner and client acquisition to grow WorldView’s market share and revenue opportunities. Jared joined WorldView in 2013 as an Account Manager and quickly transitioned to Sales, helping WorldView consistently exceed annual revenue goals.

  • Greg Mooney, Vice President of Technology

    Greg Mooney, Vice President of Technology

    As Vice President of Technology, Greg is responsible for Client Service Operations and SaaS delivery. Joining the Worldview team in 2020, Greg brings 23 years of IT Operations experience and a passion for serving our customers. In his downtime, Greg enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

  • James Lezzer, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

    James Lezzer, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

    With over 20 years of business development experience in healthcare revenue cycle and SaaS technology solutions, Jim is now leading WorldView’s Strategic Partnerships program. He brings a passion for building trusted relationships and a methodology for partnership development.

  • Roger Player, Account Executive Manager

    Roger Player, Account Executive Manager

    Roger Player has more than 15 years of experience in Enterprise Content Management providing innovative solutions in a wide variety of verticals. Roger is responsible for aligning WorldView’s strategic direction and execution for the commerce vertical partnerships to ensure successful customer experiences.

  • Alyssa Butuso, Marketing Manager

    Alyssa Butuso, Marketing Manager

    Bringing 5 plus years of sales & marketing experience, Alyssa helps WorldView establish positioning, identify target audiences, and develop marketing plans with specific objectives across different channels and segments. Overall, she is responsible for promoting our services and ensuring content is of high quality and distributed in a timely manner.

  • Jeffrey Manning, Director of Customer Experience

    Jeffrey Manning, Director of Customer Experience

    With over 12 years of experience in healthcare SaaS delivery and customer success, Jeffrey is committed to driving strategy and collaboration across teams. In every project, he ensures the customer is at the center and everyone is process focused.