Navigate the intake process to get
faster care for your patients.


Your intake process simplified.

WorldView Intake helps customers navigate the cumbersome intake process with ease. First, it provides customers with a simple way to organize and categorize the documentation required to process a referral. Second, it quickly identifies any outstanding documentation required to complete the referral packet. Lastly, it provides governance over the entire process. At any moment, users have full visibility into: referrals still being prepared, documents awaiting creation in EMR, and items needing action.

Virtual Printer

With our Virtual Printer, you can eliminate the middle steps to pull referrals. With this system, you can bypass the saving, downloading, scanning, and printing of documents and automatically send off referrals to the EMR, cutting down on time. Speed is a must when referrals mean revenue for your practice or agency.

Referral Tracking Dashboard

With our intake software, you’re able to see a bird’s eye view of the status of all referrals with our referral tracking dashboard. We know you’d do anything to get care started faster for your patients, and our dashboard allows you to do just that. All documents are available immediately on our convenient dashboard and can be retrieved at any time.

Referral Packet Creation

99% of the referral packet process is done in WorldView. This feature is tailored to your organization and its specific processes so that you can quickly integrate it into the systems that are already successful for your agency. Track your referrals from the creation of the referral until the patient is admitted and care can begin. Assigning keywords allows you to view and manage all of your referrals from the dashboard as well.

Mobile Referrals

We’ve also included these features in our mobile application, Mobile Complete. Upload your referrals directly to the system with your phone either directly or with a QA step included to ensure the correct information is being assigned to a patient’s file before the packet creation process begins. With our mobile app, new patient paperwork doesn’t have to be entered manually for faster input.


Referral Management

Pull referrals from any portal or source quickly and efficiently. Gather related documentation with role-focused workload balancing. Attachments saved and flow directly to start the episode within the EMR and indexing capabilities are available right from the portal.

With our easy-to-use tracking form you can assign a status and route documents to the necessary department to complete their tasks. Organize incoming referral documents. Track and associate patients to existing cases and associated intake documents.

From the tracking form, you can merge documents together or separate out with ease. Once entered in the EMR, mark the referral complete to automatically update the status and find the related referral documents. The actual documents are then auto-indexed and added to the export lifecycle to be sent to the EMR.



  • Track referrals from any source
  • Auto-attach to EMR once complete
  • Move seamlessly from team to team
  • Create customized packets
  • Save and come back to finalize referrals documents
  • Dashboard review and alerting

Intake made easy with WorldView.

With our Referral Management system, your agency can quickly track referrals so that patient care can get started sooner and your practice can generate more revenue.


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