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Connect and comply to close the deal at the dealership.

With the automotive industry being a world full of documentation and paperwork, RouteOne makes it easier for dealerships to digitize their paperwork and store their information securely. Compliance is top priority for this industry, and our partnership with RouteOne helps you put everything in order so that your customer relations and customer service is streamlined and simple.


  • Retain documentation for both the dealership and the customer
  • Archive electronic leases, credit reports, and other documentation securely
  • Avoid penalties, audits, and customer complaints with documentation all in one place
  • Enable seamless consumer experience with our integration and digital solutions
  • Equip your team with the tools needed to provide top-notch customer service

Our Solutions

SecureDoc One

Store all dealership documentation automatically using SecureDoc One. With this solution, dealerships can go back and reference data beyond the retention period that RouteOne provides, giving you peace of mind that your documents are securely stored and always accessible. Archiving these documents saves time and manual effort so that you can go about your responsibilities without worry of your processes or workflows.


Productivity shouldn’t be confined to the office. Make decisions on the go and access your content from the palm of your hand. The WorldView Mobile Complete application captures and retrieves the information you need when you need it.

Central Platform

Our WorldView dashboard is a central platform that puts no limit on the number of users. It’s web-based with the option for a local client download right to your desktop for universal access


Set up workflows that route documents based on defined rules set by your organization. Our workflows are integrated with email so you’ll get notifications when necessary. Our workflows also include timer alerts and user prompts to streamline your processes and digitize your day-to-day.


Complete and submit forms directly in the WorldView system, reducing time, cost and water of paper. When synced with WorldView’s Worldflow Product Module, the work becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Outlook Integration

Connect your email address to your WorldView solutions. Import email correspondence and attachments with our easy-to-use integrations to keep you connected.


Barcode recognition is used to separate, classify, and index the documents automatically. This feature applies the barcode to outgoing documents for tracking in order to recognize where the document is at each stage of the process without hands on the actual document.

Fax Server

Integrate with existing fax servers using WorldView’s system to auto-fax on your behalf for fax-intensive processes. Keep faxes electronic through the import process to eliminate scanning, saving, uploading and other hoops your team normally jumps through to manually process faxes.