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There are Few Things Spookier than Cybersecurity Risks

Being the last day of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it felt fitting to talk about the scary landscape of cybersecurity threats.  Our world has become so driven by technology that we don’t even realize how much we’ve opened our lives up to risk.  From our PCs, to our mobile devices, to our house, car, and workplace riddled with items that make up the ‘Internet of Things’.  There are so many conveniences that leave an open door for threats.  I’m not saying you should fear your Roomba, but it’s important to understand how devices interact, how they connect to the internet, the type of information they store, how data is transmitted, and how to keep that information safe.

Be sure you are keeping your machine clean.  No matter the device, if it connects to the internet, inspect it consistently and make sure it is free of viruses and malware.  Update your software regularly and properly secure your wireless network.  Here are a few more tips and “tricks” to keep in mind on All Hallows’ Eve and all year round:

  • Just like your trick or treat bag – inspect your emails for phishing links and malicious attachments
  • Just like stranger danger – don’t expose sensitive information to unknown, unauthorized people
  • Just like the unlit house – don’t approach untrusted, unknown sites
  • Just like costumes hide identities – not everyone is who they say they are – validate and verify
  • Just like leaving an unattended bowl of candy – the unsavory will take everything they can get their hands on and use for their own personal gain


Written by: Marc Johnson, CIO