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Five Ways Interoperability Results in Company Growth 

Care at home providers trying to grow their business need to look beyond just increasing referrals. Technology partners in healthcare can also support business growth through interoperability, which is the way different technologies work together to support the provider organization’s operations.  
Interoperability among healthcare technology partners can help providers address their pain points, improve care coordination and enable seamless delivery of quality care. Strategic partnerships like the one between Axxess and WorldView provide several benefits that can drive company growth

1. More Efficient Processes 

Duplicating paperwork and data entry is a challenge that robs organizations of time and money and can lead to employee burnout. Interoperability partners can streamline payroll, billing, referrals and patient records. Less time spent on these tasks means more focus on streamlining operations. 
For example, document management interoperability enables organizations to effectively oversee the documents for the entire patient lifecycle, which creates more process efficiencies. 

2. Better Data and Reporting  

Accurate and accessible data enables organizations to make well-informed business decisions. From staffing levels to patient infection rates, data provides critical insights that lead to streamlined quality improvement. Interoperability partners can help organizations make data-driven decisions that will lead to improved performance.


3. Reduce Costs and Improve ROI

Healthcare technologywith built-in connections will save organizations time and money, and it can even facilitate better patient outcomes with the ability to provide continuous care coordination across care settings. Interoperability efficiency and better patient outcomes leads to more referrals and greater capacity to care for more patients with the same team.


4. Training is Easier

Staff will not take full advantage of the technology tools available to them when they find the tools confusing or difficult to use. Ease of use and clear training are key to ensuring staff adoption of healthcare technology. Interoperability partners that integrate into one platform can increase clinicians’ comfort level with the tools. Partnerships like Axxess and Worldview make it easier for providers to train their staff and even self-learn the solutions with built-in tips to guide the user.


5. Good User Experience and Happier Staff

Interoperability can eliminate the pain points that organizations experience throughout daily operations. These partnerships reduce the number of user clicks for an efficient work experience that allows clinicians to focus on direct patient care and work-life balance. 
Axxess and WorldView became partners to provide the best technology experiences for care at home providers, which in turn creates excellent and high-quality experiences for patients and families. The future of healthcare necessitates working together in a meaningful way to solve challenges through technology.