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How to Optimize Clinician and Caregiver Relationships with Your Agency

Creating an optimal work environment remains a primary goal for home health and hospice agencies. While continued growth and delivery of quality care are essential to long term success, fostering an environment that helps an agency retain qualified, dependable clinicians and caregivers is just as essential to helping an agency thrive. Not only does it create a more reliable workforce to deliver care to patients, but it also reduces the cost of turnover and acquisition. In this blog, we offer a few tips to help optimize the relationship between your home health or hospice agency and the clinicians and caregivers that work with you. 


Outfitting Your Agency with Appropriate, Useful Technology to Streamline Operations 


Creating an environment that makes it easier for your clinicians and caregivers to complete their tasks is essential to retention. With the growth and expansion of technology in the medical industry, clinicians have a variety of options in terms of finding places to work, so it is more important than ever to be competitive where it counts (and not just in pay). Providing a work environment that enables them to easily complete their daily tasks makes a world of difference in ensuring that they feel valued and appreciated, which facilitates better retention and less turnover. Creating a paperless system is often a great step for practices that want to combat burnout. 


Promoting Respectful and Clear Communication 


A workplace that fosters healthy, respectful, clear communication is going to promote improved retention across the board among caregivers and clinicians. Being able to openly communicate not only with other staff members but also with management and voice any concerns in a respectful environment makes staff more likely to stay on board. In a landscape where qualified clinicians and caregivers have ample opportunity to find job opportunities, making them feel heard, valued and appreciated makes a huge difference in ensuring that they are happy and want to remain in their role. 


Providing Proper Training and Resources for Career Development


Another significant advantage your agency will have over others in the home health and hospice space will be delivering valuable training and career development opportunities. Staff members who stay fully engaged in their role should be rewarded with advancement opportunities and thoughtful, appropriate appreciation as often as possible. In addition, giving staff proper training from the outset is a great way to develop a strong foundation with your staff members so that they feel committed to your agency and want to stay with you for the long haul. 


While attrition and turnover is a significant issue that agencies face, these steps outlined in this article can help mitigate some of the costs and challenges home health and hospice agencies face from losing valued caregivers and clinicians. 

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